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Blue Skies

Work Life Balance That Works

No longer an option.

Unlimited PTO

The program works universally. Research continues to support employee appropriate absences under an unlimited PTO plan.

Management Discretion 

Your managers simply do not need to know why an employee takes a day off within alloted time.  Stop the nonsense now.

Things Happen

Employees appreciate relative understanding that "life happens".  Error on the side of being understanding rather than being suspicious. 

Remote Working Options

If the pandemic taught us anything - remote work works.  Find the fully or hybrid plan that fits your company.

Family/Childless Anomolies

Companies continue to favor time and benefits for employees with families over childless employees.  Let fix this>


Rarely used but amazingly helpful to all parties concerned.  The mandatory component allows for universal access.

What Our Clients Say

"Just speaking with you made me realize how much I need this support.  Thank you."

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