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putting the "human" and "resource" back into hr



HRrenewal is the perfect partner to individuals, start-ups, small and mid-sized companies looking to discuss people issues with experts and gain the support to succeed.  We give capacity back to you to let you focus on what matters - your business.


We provide support in two principle ways

With your HRretainer,we are always a phone call away to discuss your "people issues".  Pause, stop and call to gain support in your perspective or possibly learn of an alternative view that better addresses your needs; protects your business and provides the right outcome for your employees. 


Look through our HR shopping cart for a number of invaluable services to mitigate risk and make your culture the very best it can be both your business and your team.


We are experts in training.  Nothing preempts errors more than knowledge; taught well.  Sixty percent of new managers fail and fifty percent of companies do not provide new manager training.  Be on the right side of that percentage. 

Having an experienced external HR Conciallary available whenever you need one always leads the best possible decisions at the right times.  Reach out; any time. 

HRrenewal - your HR Business Partner