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Additional Services

"Keep enemies at the gate"

"One bad hire can have a devastating impact on your business.  Hire smart with our help."

  • Full retained search services

  • Interview training

  • Final interview selection and support

  • Extreme reference checking

Fourth Quarter Staffing

"Exceptionally experienced talent is all around you, for a fraction of the cost you might imagine"

  • Get more from the people who have more - experienced performers

  • Many of whom are looking to downsize their roles which might fit perfectly with your needs

  • Reach out for more information

Onboarding Services

"Your new hire was interviewing with a number of companies.  Let's make sure they stick if another offer comes in."

  • Critical onboarding infrastructure and design

  • Confidential external hotlines where discretion is guaranteed 

  • Periodic check ins which show your company really cares

Administrative Compliance and Reporting

"To hire or not to hire; that is the question."

  • Consider outsourcing your growing employee paperwork to us

  • We can file, track and report on all your employee requirements and needs

  • Often gaining the right ROI with a host of related services always right at your disposal

Engagement and Retention

"The number one factor to engagement is the employee's relationship with his or her manager. How is that relationship?"


  • New employee training, including information on external hotlines

  • Management training, including what to look for in the first 90 days

  • Stay interviews, because the cost of recruiting far outweighs the opportunity to chat

Exceptional Training (no longer an option)

"The "me too movement" has changed everything.  If your business resides in New York state you are now required to provide training.  Leave that to us."

  • New hire training and design

  • Mandatory and compliance training

  • "Me too; not" training (sexual harassment training)

  • "Don't be a jerk at work" training

  • Management training

  • Leadership training

24/7 Employee Relations

"People issues can be as complex as the most complicated operational system you have."

  • Call before you speak

  • Obtain exceptional guidance

  • Proceed professionally

24/7 New Manager Coaching

"New managers are the most essential component of scalable growth.  Give them the support to thrive."

  • One-on-one programs

  • Group formats available

  • Tailored to your needs

Coaching Services

"Don't go it alone.  We are here for you."

  • High potential coaching

  • Management coaching

  • Leadership coaching

Wordman Productions

"The right words can advance your goal; the wrong ones can be devastating."

  • Essential email support 

  • Report and proposal reviews

  • Power Point Presentations

Organizational Design

"Growing companies need to create an infrastructure that changes, adapts and is always scalable."

  • Design analysis 

  • Milestone checks

  • Transitional training

Meeting Critiques

"The research and our personal experiences around the failure of meetings is overwhelming."

  • Let's fix your meetings today

  • Start saving money

  • Start saving time

Performance Management

"Your never to small to realize the importance of effective performance management practices.  We got this."

  • Effective performance management happens every day - say goodbye to annual reviews.

  • Learn how Optional Performance Reviews can transform your company,

  • Let us lead your managers through the process of supporting performance improvement

Turnover Analysis

"Unknown drivers of turnover can erode your culture and destroy your business."

  • Counter offer Coaching

  • Confidential Exit Interviews

  • Ongoing turnover analysis and recommendations

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