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Meeting Renewal

There is probably nothing that steals employee production and stifleorganizational success more than meetings.  Hands down; heads down; naptime for most!

Meeting Free Days

Organizations with a focus on work life balance often and appropriately create

meeting free days.  Popular selections include Mondays and Fridays.

Who gets invited?

Probably the most fundamental error in meetings starts at the very beginning.  How many meetings have you attended, that you didn’t need to attend?

Nothing robs your company of its time more than poorly run meetings. Get that capacity back. Let us attend just one meeting and provide you with the immediate tools to improve how you spend the majority of your time. 

Meeting Free Weeks

Bold organizations set aside planned "Meeting Free Weeks" to allow employees to catch-up, focus and excel at the tasks at hand.

How long do they last?

If employees say "forever" perhaps it is time to listen to them.  The most common culprit is the "meeting entertainer" who loves to hear themselves talk. 

Meeting Coaching

We provide exceptional follow-up services to make good meeting training stick.  Much appreciated by all!

What Our Clients Say

Thank you for giving our workday back!

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