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Career Management for Individuals

Studies have shown that 60% of us will fail in our next job.  Develop solid skills to bring that percentage down.

Communication Skills

Communication is everything.  How we communicate, how we listen, how we respond all have a huge impact on our career success.

Resume Reviews

Your resume is you until you get a call.  Is it doing the best work possible to get you on the phone, online or in the door?

Management Skills

At HRrenewal we explain to our clients that "management is communication".  It is exceptionally easy to manage very well with the right tools.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills at work are always going to be an asset in building relationships and advancing your career. Lear more today.

HRrenewal stays with you.  We remain available to support your Designated Person and your management and executive teams.

Leadership Skills

From our perspective, those who manage managers are leaders.  Managing managers rather than individual contributors is a big shift.

What Our Clients Say

"I learned more in these sessions than I have my entire career"

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