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Proximity discrimination

Remote working office desk
Proximity discrimination

The data cited in the attached article does have merit in one regard.  Thoughtful remote planning should indeed include a robust number of long-term employees. It’s ideal for pre or partial retirement employees who the last thing that want is a promotion.


However, a more sinister plan is afoot my friends…


The failures in remote working promotion rates more correctly rests at the feet of alpha executives and their thoughtless proclamations.


For example, in the attached article and I quote:


“Nearly 90% of chief executives who were surveyed said that when it comes to favorable assignments, raises or promotions, they are more likely to reward employees who make an effort to come to the office.”


Really? So, 90% of our highest level executives proclaim they can skip things like…. well, actual performance, financial contributions, organizational equity and success?


Ok then. You boys go. But in the interim we will all watch the unintended consequences of proximity discrimination.


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