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Employee Discomfort: "Don't be the jerk at work"

The #metoo movement ripped the band-aid off reprehensible workplace behavior in dramatic style.  These strong women and men reminded all of us of the pervasiveness of bad behavior in the workplace.  Make no doubt about it; we are at a new standard of behavior at work.

Things change.  One episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show probably contains 20 legally actionable items by today's standards. We all need to change; we all need to move forward. HRrenewal is here to help.

Attending traditional "sexual harassment training" is not always the best way to talk about bad behavior in the workplace.  We say this because many of the off the shelf programs are just itching to check the box. We say this because many participants in these sessions just shut down; tune out and wait to sign the attendance sheet.  Solid research affirms our observations.


Our program fully covers all the required training for effective sexual harassment training.  We just decided not to stop there.  In addition to training around this critical topic we continue to other behaviors that also create employee discomfort in the workplace. 


For example, the "oblivious visitor" who proceeds with interrupting us when we are clearly sending signals that we don't want to be disturbed.  Or the person who "smothers us in words" with every utterance.  Let us not forget the chronic naysayer who find fault and negativity in every single aspect of work.

Try our approach; your employees will be glad you did.

HRrenewal - your HR business partner.

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