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Talent Management for organizations

Don't go it alone. 

Resume Reviews

Let 30 years of experience give you some feedback on your resumes of interest including a series of solid questions.


Every company doing business in NY or NYC is required to have a trained and compentent Designated Person to handle every sexual harassment concerns. 


Nothing is more important than getting to the concern in an unfettered and timely manner.  Let HRrenewal partner with your Designated Person to produce objective results from indepenent investigations.

Final Interviewing Vetting

Keep enemies at the gate.  Let HRrenewal join you in your final vetting of qualified candidates.  Objective, fair and helpful - every time.


HRrenewal stays with you.  We remain available to support your Designated Person and your management and executive teams.


We remain available on an ongoing basis to coach those employees who need to approach thier interactions with others differently.

What Our Clients Say

"Thank you for providing this important training.  I had no idea that this continues to be so pervasive in business today"

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